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Invest with Us

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Since 1986, the team at Saxum West has provided its investors with more than $900 million dollars in trust deed investments on real estate throughout California.

Trust deed investments are secured by real property. This minimizes the risk normally associated with private money investing or any other type of non-collateralized unsecured investment.

Saxum West funds first and second trust deeds on hand-picked properties within the most premier regions of Northern and Southern California.

Hard Money Misconceptions

When most people think of “hard money” they have a misconception that these are “bail-out” loans given to individuals facing a financial hardship. At Saxum West, we pride ourselves on being portfolio-minded. We seek out the finest investment properties and excellent borrowers with strong credit and sufficient assets and cash flow. These individuals all possess the need to close quickly and efficiently on additional investment properties or to free up additional cash for future real estate investments. Traditional banks simply cannot perform with the speed and efficiency of a private lender. We have created a “Blue-Chip” mentality within the private lending space.

Track Record
Best In Class

While most investments have an element of risk, our investors have been rewarded with secure high yield returns on quality real estate investments. This is due to our somewhat conservative underwriting practices that have been honed and perfected over the last 35 years.

Once you have invested in a trust deed, our work is just beginning. Each investor receives a complete package with the borrower’s credit, financials, supporting documentation, loan documentation and a stamped copy of the recorded deed of trust showing the investor as the beneficiary. Should any questions or concerns arise, Saxum West is on call to handle any requests from both borrower and investor. As an investor, you'll receive open communication, transparency and assurance 100% of the time.

As an investor, all of your trust deeds with Saxum West will be professionally serviced by FCI Lender Services. Respected as one of the premier servicing agents for private loans, FCI deftly services nearly $4 billion in loans. Saxum West remains online as the sub-servicer, interacting with borrowers and investors to solve any issues that may arise. The investor will receive updates through a personalized dashboard provided by FCI. All interest payments are seamlessly wired into your preferred bank account monthly.

Trust Deed Investments

While there are many types of investments available today, at Saxum West, we believe that investing in real estate is perhaps one of the safest ways to earn a return on your money. Everyone has their own ideal level of risk, investment and return. We have opportunities as low as $100,000 and as high as $4,000,000. We even provide fractional opportunities if you prefer to invest below our minimum level.

We offer secured real estate investments for accredited investors. Your yield is determined by collateral, loan position and loan to value. These are investments with an element of risk. We strongly advise you to speak with your investment advisor and tax professional before investing in trust deeds. While past performance may be indicative of future performance. We do not make any guarantees about future values and economic conditions.

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